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Gilera CX125 – 1991 – only 1442 Kilometers on it

This bike has low mileage, but has sat around for a long while. So really wants a full restoration. The fairings are a bit cracked and broken around the mountings. Very common on this model. Under the fairings the frame and engine are very dirty and corroded.

We have put a battery on it and cleaned out the carb. It fired up almost straight away and run ok. So engine seems fine. But put all the fairings back on and it spat its dummy and poured fuel out of the tap/carb. Not the easiest bike to strip down, so leaving it as it is.

Extremely rare machine, only 1000 produced.

Sold as a project motorcycle. We have a dating certificate and NOVA is all done. So once on the road and MOT’d you will be able to register it easy.


1.69 K